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When the uncertainty strikes

Sometimes I can sense that he likes me so much that he makes others stopped from getting too close to me. Hence some mixed feelings started to grow inside – the feeling of being loved and appreciated and protected and a little bit of possessed. And envied.

That was nice.

But sometimes I felt uncertain about these feelings.

The fear of listening or knowing of his uncertainties (perhaps) make my uncertainties grows and deepened.

So whenever I felt it, I will try to stay away from his sight.


Please don’t let it happen, please…



It’s been a long time since my last time I felt it…

… : jealous.

And what’s that supposed to mean?


I always know that I look ugly whenever I am jealous. But I just couldn’t help it. So i tried to put on some smile to ease the feeling.

I didn’t know whether it worked or not.

But the thing is, yes. I am jealous.

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