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Antara ego, ruang dan toleransi

Kebetulan saya terbaca kembali satu entri dan komen di satu blog seseorang yang tak dikenali, tapi saya boleh relate betul dengan entri-entrinya.


Katanya: for some reason, we do need to give space to our… what ever we call.. partner.. friend.. person we love.. person we hate.. whoever have relation to us.. yup.. we need to give some space. most of the time, things we imagine, things we expected, things we anticipated, in actual fact, won’t happen as per our imagination. most of the time.. so, please be prepare to counter on that.. emotionally.. physically.. or not to “too” imaginative on the things we expect.. just “moderate” imagination would do.

too high expectation can cause us upset.. and could easily tarnish everything related to relation in split seconds… for me lah


Saya komen: i love the space i’m in and really want to share the space with someone i love. but, i also love it when people i love live in their very own space every time they want it.

i can feel it when they feel suffocated with me around even though i dont cling much on them. so i’ll just walk away from their life any time if they want me to as long as they are happy with their life again…no matter how hurt i’d feel.

even sometimes i just wonder…am i created on earth to make other people happy without ever thinking of my own happiness?


dan dia reply: it may need some tolerances when we are in relationship. i see the relationship is all about completing each other, rather than have the common do’s and likes. one may have different behavior, and the other is in opposite.

for me, rather than we push our self to accept the different, its better for me to enjoy to get along with my partner. by this, i am in my own world, and the other with her own. but when we get along, i also get the “opportunity” to see her world, and learn new things.

feeling suffocated others is quite common feeling that haunted us. walk away is always an option, but, do we need to, always? perhaps not. it might just our perception toward the relationship.

i do think you can get along with anybody. happiness is subjective. it may come from the different angle, and may not match with our imaginary happiness. but, most important, it also one sort of happiness. aite?



Mungkin betul kata mak. Saya kurang sabar. Terlalu ego. Terlalu cemburu.

For the first time ever I realized how big my mistakes are.

Hopefully there are still space for me to fix myself.


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