Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

Well…people tend to think that there’s always someone special behind someone’s happiness. Which could be true sometimes.

But my case is, I am happier with my life because there’s no one that can tear my heart apart.

Logic? 🙂


Comments on: "I look much happier these days than few months before. Care to know why?" (4)

  1. ummi5 said:

    maintain ok that happier look 🙂
    u r surrounded by many special ones 🙂

  2. hehe betul..betul..kita blh bahagia dan gembira dgn cara kita yg sendiri tanpa perlukan org lain utk kita rs bahagia dan gembira..

    • betul. daripada ada someone special tapi hati asyik terluka, baik pulak dok sorang2 sebab at least takde sapa nak buat kita tensen. 😀

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