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Read this in a happy mood, will you?

Good news that comes after another is really a joyful moment to enjoy. I don’t have time to feel down with sadness nowadays. Yeah, I do feel a little bit of sadness but when it is originated from my happiness, the sadness is actually can be a happy something to ponder.

Thanks to my hormonal changes perhaps. 🙂


Some says forgive people and you’ll feel good about yourself. I did. Knowing me, I am a spontaneous person. Some says, unpredictable. I’d prefer to describe myself as an impulsive one. And how if I said that some impulsive acts I did actually lead me to some happy moments? Well…I did. 🙂

No people live in the world without goals, but some said that to me. Some expect me to keep on telling the world of what I want or who am I seeing or who am I going out with, but why? Will that make them feel good?

I believe in this: seize the moment. Live the moment. Enjoy the moment. No matter how absurd the future is. I am living my moment now. Short, sweet and nothing intense: but i just love it. I’d refrain from getting too deep and lose it all at once. I felt it before. And you can ask me how hurt I felt.

As long as my happiness is just around, please let me embrace it. It won’t be long though. If we are not meant for each other, that will be it. But if God says that we are destined as soul mate, no matter how far we will be apart, we will be together.

P/S: To you precious, a part of me will always be with you. Your fingerprints are just too deep inside. Lets pray hard. Just pray hard.


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