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When a marriage is around the corner

Not mine of course. Hahaha~


I kinda aware that most of my writings in this blog sounded sad, weak, soft hearted and sometimes rebellious. Which is not a good read when the mind is in a rational state. I know that certain personalities can be traced through one’s writings and I am not excluded from that. So the best thing I can do before being judged over and over again is just to admit it. Yes, I can be sad, weak, soft hearted and rebellious at times. 🙂


I received a good news from a fellow friend. Well, he is getting married soon. What’s great about this news is I knew that he knew his bride-to-be just months before they decided to get married. They don’t even take a year to decide. Praise be to Allah.


This is what I want, honestly. To be wanted not just for fun, but to become a serious soul partner. I believe that every successfully married couples are not flawless, but they decided to accept each other’s flaws, try to fix it or perhaps to adapt with it and be grateful for the flaws, just as much as they grateful that they finally found the one who can accept their flaws, as long as they are together.


As I grow older, to get married is my main goal. For now. I know that Allah listens to my each and every prayer. Amin.

P/S: I hope I can absorb their aura of beautifully wedded couple by attending to their wedding this June. And who knows I can get hooked with someone too… 😀


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