Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

I came across someone’s writings just recently.

About depression. And someone had suggested that to avoid being depressed, never…never…and never keep things to yourself as it will burden you with unnecessary thoughts.

But some other people said, what if we don’t trust people? Secrets told kept on broken. Then gossips spread like a virus. And finally, the end.


Hmm..guess it’s about time for me to pray that my future husband should be someone whom I can share my thoughts, my secrets, my stories and my worries with. Just like sharing stuff with a best friend. That sounds nice. To live together with a man, a husband and a best friend.

For me, marriage is the solution to most new age diseases nowadays. Infidelity. Adultery. Depression. Marriage is awesome. It adds value to people.

But still, there are so many people who are married, but they are not happy, simply because their other half are not communicative enough to make their life fulfilled. For me marriage is not all about having a lawful sex partner or to get lawful kids and to get legal rights to own some shared properties, but it also means that we have a lifetime friend whom we can share everything in life. Good or bad. A soul partner. A soul mate.

Communication is the key.

I have seen some married couple live their life miserably boring. No conversations occurs. No informations shared. No jokes made. Just sex (if they do it anyway). Just imagine living in a house with some one, but only silence deafening the air. The silence alone IS deafening enough to bear.

What about days? And months? And years?

And who is to blame when they start looking for excitement OUTSIDE their home? But can it be called home anyway? 🙂


And guess what, if my future marriage is going to be like that, I MUST feel luckier to be single and happy than being married but miserable. Oh my still-somewhere-unknown future husband, please be my best friend.

Or am I asking too much?


Comments on: "Marriage is awesome, if only…" (15)

  1. ummi5 said:

    exactly! same advice i give to frens. communication is key. u’ll be so miserable if u cnt speak ur mind to ur closest partner. so sad when some frens nd to cnfide in me cos cnt talk to partners. merana kan?
    n pasal rumahtangga jgn sebarang cerita. bahaya juga. if u really nd to talk, pray that it’s someone yg trustworthy.
    haha memang kita ni satu kepala 😀

    • ye la akak! we have so many things in common! cant wait to see you in person. heheh~

      sebab tu kite buat entry ni kak. i’ve seen miserable marriages, simply because their other half tu ada emas dalam mulut. god..mana boleh tahan macam tu…

      bagi kite nafkah batin bukan hanya pada bende tu aje, tapi juga pada pengisian rohani dan jiwa. manusia perlu itu semua. betul tak?

  2. ummi5 said:

    betul betul betul! rohani yg perlu dihidupkan kerana tak mau jasad hidup tapi ruh mati.

  3. tayang said:

    woah……………… citer akak ni.akak sedih ke? kita mcm serupa laa…saya doakan yg terbaik utk akak..:))

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    To me, its TOO HARD to find someone that really understand who is ME! Tapi, insyaAllah jodoh semua kat tangan Allah…

    “Wanita yg Baik hanya utk Lelaki yg Baik shj”
    “Lelaki yg Baik hanua utk Wanita yg Baik shj” 🙂

    Bila dah kawen ni, bila dah jd isteri org kena byk jaga tatasusila. Bila ada suami, 2 perkara plg penting perlu seorg isteri jaga :-
    1) Perut (makan minum) suami
    2) Seks 🙂

    • salam…thanks for the comment.

      insyaAllah He knows what is best for us. 🙂

      ya i guess i’m still clueless about how does it feel to be someone’s wife since i am not yet in the shoes. keep on advising me ya for i have to be ready for it. hihi~

  5. ati_minmiin said:

    agreed! i wonder what happened to the love before the akad? Definitely you are getting married because you love the person and wanted to share your life with him..that should not be very boring isn’t it? I guess we all should be prepared for the new life together.. 🙂

    • yes! that is what i supposed to write. i know that life is not static, but being together with a person whom we loved at first but for him/her to gradually become a boring one is unimaginable!

  6. kita best friends kanns.. ehehe

  7. i cant imagine if couple yg ada life mcm tu … supposed kita happy with our partner … yang penting dalam relationship are trust and understanding 😉 hope u akan jumpa ur future husband yg baik2 🙂

    • amin…hihihi~

      ingat tak cerita pasal ‘sup lidah’? yang pasal raja dan org miskin bertukar isteri tu? komunikasi pun sebenarnya nafkah batin juga…betul tak?

      tambah2 pulak org yang suka bercakap macam saya ni, sangat2 perlu jumpa org yang sesuai supaya marriage nanti tak senget. hehe~

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