Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

My uncle just passed away two days ago. He was 75 years old.

Leaving his beloved wife that he married 55 years ago, I can see the emptiness in her soul. My auntie stayed calm behind her wrinkled skin, but her eyes spoke that she misses her husband very much. I don’t know what was inside me that made me understand her feeling so well.

I was not crying while I saw my late uncle’s body been covered in the plain white clothes before his final journey on earth, but I did cry seeing my auntie sitting down speechless looking at him lying on the floor.

It’s the love that I saw. The missing.

I know she was already missing her husband…

I wonder what else love can do to human being. It can definitely change people. I am waiting for a love that can change me too…


Comments on: "Sometimes love means that you have to miss them…" (2)

  1. inna lillah… ur aunt r really a strong person! kta mmg tdk d galakkn mngis kpd arwah, cukuplah skdr redha n mndoakn al fatihah… moga arwah dtmptkn brsama org2 yg briman amin 99x… 🙂

    • amin ya rabbal alamin…

      ada beberapa cerita sedih sebelum pemergian pakcik saya yng kalau saya ingt balik…meesti rasa nak nangis.

      semoga Allah tempatkan dia di kalangan orang 2 yang beriman. 🙂

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