Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

…is that I am way too independent until I want to buy my own diamond ring.

Should I?


Comments on: "The bad thing about me…" (10)

  1. aww we are so similar laaa. i bought mine already (by myself!)

    • haha. now i hope that ppl will start looking at me the way i look at u: beautiful independent woman that ppl can’t simply mess around. heheh~

      p/s: i hope i can wear my diamond ring for this CNY. my own bday present. 😀

  2. satu cukup kahh.. ahaha

  3. ummi5 said:

    mana ada bad. yes go buy 1. reward urself for ur hard work. kan bagus indie, tak mengharapkan org, usaha sendiri. sikap ni yg i nak anak2 i ada 🙂
    cuma..kena ingat kan diri jgn ada rasa proud,
    ye lah si tanduk kan mesti nak spoil!

    • betul2 tu kak. itulah cabarannya. bila independent byk org igt perempuan akan besar kepala. tapi sebenarnya kite tetap hormat lelaki…

  4. bunga oh bunga…
    bunga yg ade kelopak mata… sigh…
    berlian oh berlian…
    berlian yg tiada “kelopak” dijari… sigh…
    its ok to have one..
    but.. its better to have one with someone… 🙂

  5. awww.. almost the same sentiment here..even though now, when i’m happily married.

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