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I hope…

…I can hop into my three zero with full of forgiveness.

With, still, a big question mark on top of my head, I would like to apologize and to forgive whoever had made me misunderstood by an important soul in my life.

Things can never be the same again.

With some tears, a smile, and some relieve, i’d say…Happy birthday to me.


The saddest birthday is around the corner

The reason?

Too many.

I hope I can divert it and make it a happy celebration.


The stupidest thing a woman can do is to cry over a man

…but I just did.

I haven’t been crying because of a man for a long time, but today I can’t help myself but to let it burst.

Too many questions but not a single answer.

I am in a lost mode.

Forgive me.

Sometimes love means that you have to miss them…

My uncle just passed away two days ago. He was 75 years old.

Leaving his beloved wife that he married 55 years ago, I can see the emptiness in her soul. My auntie stayed calm behind her wrinkled skin, but her eyes spoke that she misses her husband very much. I don’t know what was inside me that made me understand her feeling so well.

I was not crying while I saw my late uncle’s body been covered in the plain white clothes before his final journey on earth, but I did cry seeing my auntie sitting down speechless looking at him lying on the floor.

It’s the love that I saw. The missing.

I know she was already missing her husband…

I wonder what else love can do to human being. It can definitely change people. I am waiting for a love that can change me too…

The bad thing about me…

…is that I am way too independent until I want to buy my own diamond ring.

Should I?

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