Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

I’ve been spending a lot of my time watching people’s behaviour and learnt a lot from their stories, their success, their happiness and their mistakes (if any). At the age of 29 I am still keen on learning from other people’s experience rather than experience it myself and learn. Yes one can call me coward, but what about me putting other people happiness first before mine? Can anyone call me by a good name then?

This lately I always feel like I bring misery to someone who is not supposed to feel miserable with me around. Because as far as I am concerned, I am the most flexible friend (if they want to call me friend anyway) one can have. I never disturb them, never cling to them and never question them in whatever they do. I am always independent and frankly speaking, this is the thing that moulds me into what I am today. I know that a healthy relationship needs two way communications for connections to happen. But this doesn’t mean that I am senseless. I do realize it when they don’t treat me the same anymore. I do sense it if they try to avoid me for whatever reason they feel. And for me it is simple. Things should be treated mutually same. I’ll do the same thing they to. I’ll react the same way they react. Now, isn’t it wonderful to have a friend like me?

Those were just guesses.

Sometimes I just wonder is it because of my way too cool behaviour that makes people (read: men) think that I am weird or something?

To be continued…


Comments on: "The Single Woman’s Dilemma: A Guys’ Friend, For Ever" (4)

  1. sometimes, it is the guy who cant handle it when they realized they had fallen to a girl who’s a guy’s friend.

    • perhaps. but why do they stop the feeling when they started to realize it?

      why can’t they let it flow naturally?

      this happened to me quite a few times (with the same person) and i just can’t stop myself from questioning anymore.

  2. It’s a common feeling dear..if one to realize they have sumthin’ sumthin’ while playing friends with the opposite sex..the rule is soooo simple which u tend to feel very comfortable when u r getting more and more ‘tight’ with each other…

    • it’s common but thinking of the possibilities that might happen to somebody else but me…i cant help myself from thinking what is actually wrong with me?

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