Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

Who says I need a man to make me happy? And who says my life is not beautiful without a man around?

With the right man around, yes I must admit that my life would be more beautiful and I would be more happier. But what if he is not the right person?

Life must go on. Enjoy it, be true to myself and I believe God will send me my perfect match. No no…he doesn’t have to be perfect, he must not perfect because I am no perfect either, but he is going to be one to make me perfect.

P/S: Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind. I did. I am sorry but I don’t regret it. ‘You’ will be more miserable if you have me attached to you.


Comments on: "Life is beautiful when we want it to be beautiful" (4)

  1. you have a true understanding of what makes a beautiful life…it is a journey of appreciation, acceptance..towards the final garden of everlasting true beauty 🙂

    • to do what is supposed to be done and accomplished by a women (especially) is just not easy. but luckily you are always being so understanding. perhaps we really do talk the same language, right? 🙂

  2. bunga oh bunga…
    bunga yg ade kelopak mata… sigh…
    believe me,bukan semua kumbang sayapnya sama…
    perharps,u r live as u r deserve.. and u r deserve as other flowers patel blooms..


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