Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

If you look for someone graceful and moving like a wind, don’t look for me.

If you look for someone who craves to lean on you all the time, please find someone else.

If you look for someone who can share your thoughts and don’t mind me giving my thoughts and opinions too, perhaps we can try it out.

But don’t expect me to be soft and graceful because no, I will never show you the real me. Without commitments. Because most probably you’ll waste your time thinking that you are actually looking at someone who is just not like the ordinary woman you ever wanted.

But never think that I don’t have it.


Comments on: "The Single Woman’s Dilemma – Episode 6 (I am simply not a graceful woman)" (8)

  1. best best..

    love it :))))

  2. ummi5 said:

    yup ur criteria is really basic and simple and i totally agree with them.
    Persevere and stick to them esp the non smoker part.
    we are clear about what we want then leave the outcome to the MOST WISE the Almighty. Tawakkal. the ALL-KNOWING will show you the right match..insyaAllah
    for those who keeps asking and saying stuffs we dont like to hear, just say to urself,
    it’s OK..they dont understand 🙂

    • thanks for the support dear. really appreciate it and to be frank, your comment just made me feel stronger to walk thru this. 🙂

  3. ghitewww.. ahaha

  4. the best partner in life, is the one who accept u as what u are.

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