Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

I know when I say that this is not easy…

This is going to be a long entry.

Can anybody guess what’s the favourite question to a single woman approaching 30 like me? Ok. I guess everybody have got it right. I call it The Question.

‘When are you getting marry?’

The same question repeatedly asked and digested for another thousands of times. Please trust me when I say that my ears are already swollen listening to the question and I almost puke every time I heard it said. And to make it worse, listening to their boring irrelevant advices.

‘Don’t be too choosy, dear. Nobody’s perfect.’


My parents asked me about the criteria of man that I’ve bee looking for. So I answered. And after none of the criteria mentioned touched about look and wealth (since I am no better looking or wealthier than most women I knew), I still ended up listening to advices asking me to loosen it a bit so that it would be easier for me to finally find somebody.


If my criteria of the ideal man is that he supposed to be faithful to God, smart, responsible, respects my parents, has good sense of humour, non-smoker, unattached and loves me as who I really am, I should question myself and others, is that choosy? While the fact is I believe that those are the most basic things needed to bring magic and making a marriage last and blessed.

And when they told me ‘not to be too picky’, I asked them to define what ‘picky‘ is to them. And the feedback? A little bit of smoke is ok. Nobody dies marrying a smoker. Plus, what is wrong with a smoker who never skipped their prayers? (Sorry I will never buy this idea since I have my very own reason for not wanting a smoker. I am strictly shutting off the opportunities to smoker. I will not tolerate so please stop asking me to think about it.). Age wise, they said, 10 years older is ok. They might be mature enough to manage a married life. Plus they might be financially stronger. And might as well own some properties. One or two years younger is ok, provided (still..?) they have a strong career to support their own life and the wife after they get married. And unattached? They sighed….

I just listened and said nothing. To tell the truth, I am exhausted.

Now, my mum wants a guy who has a good career with good income and comes from a good family background to be his future son-in-law. That is picky for me even though she can tolerate guys who smoke. And my father, since he is surrounded by good looking single guys with good career (and good income for sure) at his workplace, he considers none of them to introduce to me. Simply because ’they don’t take care of their prayers‘. I call it picky too. And they also smoke. My so-called-ex boyfriend has a great job with a great income, he takes care of his prayers, yet he smoke, plus he has a strange behaviour which was inconsistent with his five-times-praying routines (which I could not accept at all). And my parents called me picky.

Now tell me, is this going to be easy when all of us are actually picky?

To be fair, I found a guy. He is trying hard to improve himself in term of religious matter. He is smart, responsible, respectful, has good sense of humour and not a chain smoker, but I think he is not just that into me. So, nothing had really happened but people still call me picky.

Again, this is supposed to be a long entry….


Comments on: "The Single Woman’s Dilemma – Episode 5 (Don‘t tell me not to be too picky)" (4)

  1. just wanna share my this year version of ‘THE ANSWER’:

    ‘Theres three things in life that Allah left without an answer; jodoh, pertemuan and ajal maut. The answer would be always unknown if you ask anybody about it. DO YOU KNOW WHEN WILL U DIE? Same goes to marriage. However since i believed marriage brings good things to me, then please pray for me instead rather than asking me the question again and AGAIN.

    if they still not satisfy with the answer, then give them your sweetest smile and leave them instead.


  2. Mas,
    when it comes to The Question, people tend to forget that these are all God’s work. Yes it’s true that we are supposed to work for it too but hey, it is just unwise to just settle with anyone right? They are people who said that perhaps all i do is just stand still and wait for the right man to come, that’s why i still haven’t found any. I just smile.

    I love fairytale, but i never believe it. 🙂

  3. ghitewww..

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