Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

I have him in my mind…

I was driving in my car when I saw a couple of lovers in the car in front of me. They looked so loving…they smiled to each other so often and laughed together at something occasionally. They looked perfectly happy. I did envy them and even feeling sorry to myself for being and driving alone all the time.

I wish I can be on the passenger’s seat and let the man I love and loves me too drive while we share sweet ride together. Perhaps we can sing our favourite songs together out loud and laugh to each other’s foolishness but still feel good about it. I might feel contented with him around. I might feel happier. But he does not exist.

It woke me up. The imaginary him was unavoidable but till I meet him, I have to depend on myself and drive the car by my self, alone. I hope I can find him. I know he is somewhere out there.


Comments on: "The Single Women’s Dilemma – Episode 4 (Love is somewhere out there)" (3)

  1. oi beautiful girl!

    the time for you to be on the passenger seat will come soon. Bid me, i might me right!

    • wahaha konfiden! but in the same time i hope that we both can sit on the passenger’s seat soon enough. how bout that? wink wink!

  2. ahaha..

    we’ll wait and see. for now am very much comfortable on the other side, the driver. anyhow at times, i need someone to drive me crazy instead..hehehe bole? sapo la yg malang tue..;)

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