Ini belog jiwang gB yerrr…

It’s not easy to be me….

Ask me how did I feel to find out that wife of the neighbour next door is four years younger than me? I’d say, ‘Owh wow, she is young. Good for her to get married early.’ And finished it off with a smile.

I might be smiling on the outside. And yes on the inside too. Simply because I have my own life, I usually am not easily overshadowed by someone else’s happiness. For me, life goes on as how it is supposed to be. I went out to work, sometimes as early as possible. And came back home after I finished everything, no matter how late. Life is still the same for me.

The time spent at home are limited to weekends and public holidays only. Thus, I’ve got no time to get to know my neighbours. I have to admit that I barely knew them. I don’t know their full name and let alone their numbers. But at least I knew when they were at home or away. My communications with my neighbours occurred only when we accidentally bumped into each other outside their door, either while they just got back from somewhere or when they were outside hanging clothes to dry. Hey, despite the tight schedule, I want to be a good neighbour too.

To be informed, if I ever have the chance to talk, I will only talk to the wife. And never to the husband.

But after a (long) while, I realised that the wife seems like avoiding from bumping into me. For me it is an unrealised matter until my mom pointed that out for me to realise. I tried to figure out why but I guess I had the answer. I am unmarried. And she has a husband. She might feel the fear. Or simply the sense of competition. While I was busy with my life and never even realised it when (if any) I bumped into her husband in the morning while everybody was busy going out to work, she might sit in the room feeling uneasy.

And for me, that is totally understandable.

Life is easy but never underestimate it. We might mind our own business but never think that there is no one out there whose mind busy thinking about us. 🙂


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  1. mesti encem gilerr laki dier kanns.. kowserr

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